About Us


To find out more about us, please do get in touch at info@thisismission.com

Our Services

Brand & Strategy Development

Identifying how a brand can best map itself into culture - through its look, feel, visuals, design, communications, marketing and purpose

Hello London

Content Creation, Production & Amplification

Providing a full service design studio, film and video production and digital services to deliver and enhance content that the right people want to engage with, crafting resonant messaging with a meaningful outcome

New Angles

Newsroom, Press Office & Communications

Delivering a modern-day press office that delivers against traditional and digital media through both reactive and proactive planning

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Integrated & Digital Campaigns

Delivering multi-channel campaigns that embed brands in the culture of their target audience - talking at the right time, not all the time

Wear it Well

Partnerships, Talent & Influencer Engagement

Delivering cultural icons and community influencers at the right moments and in the right media to share a message deep into audience culture

The Widow Series

Events & Experiential

Designing and building experiences that are inherently meaningful, providing direct opportunities for brands to influence perception and broader culture

City HardWear